Welcome to Goats Head Soup 2020, featuring three unheard tracks – Criss Cross, Scarlet & All The Rage – plus demo versions, outtakes, live performances & more. Available now.

Deluxe 4LP & 4CD boxsets pay full homage to the original release – including the much sort after Brussels Affair, recorded live at the Forest National Arena in October 1973, plus a full disc of Rarities & Alternatives (including three unheard tracks). The 4CD boxset also includes a 120 page book of rare photos & essays, plus four re-produced 1973 tour posters (rolled up inside the package to avoid creasing).

Goats Head Soup 2020 is also available in deluxe 2CD & 2LP packages, as well as on cassette and standard CD or LP. Additional exclusive are also available from the Rolling Stones official store.

Scroll down to read more about the history of the album & watch the video for Scarlet!

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Among their most intimate and emotionally absorbing work
– Rolling Stone Magazine, 1973

Goats Head Soup was the 11th British and 13th American studio album from the Rolling Stones.
Recorded in Jamaica, the US and UK from November 1972 to May 1973 and released on August 31st 1973.

For Goats Head Soup, Jamaica was one of the few places that would let us all in!
– Keith Richards

In just four short weeks in Jamaica’s Dynamic Sound Studios the Stones had recorded 8 of the 10 songs on the album.

The album wasn’t without its controversies, including disputes over Angie being the first single released, disapproval of lyrical content, changing song titles and going through three different album covers – an actual image of Goats Head Soup, the band depicted as centaurs and finally the iconic veiled images of their faces you see today, shot by David Bailey. Despite all of this the album went straight to No.1 in the UK and US and several other countries!

I really feel close to this album, and I really put all I had into it… I guess it comes across that I’m more into the songs.
– Mick Jagger



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